There’s a few ways you can reach me!

Email Contact

Radio Contact

  • My callsign: KC1PZJGeneral Licensed Ham
  • Almost always on WB1GOF VHF Repeater (EchoLink WB1GOF-R) In Westford, MA (146.955 (-) PL 74.4).
  • Email me on WinLink or with a traditional email client at I love getting mail here!
  • Also often on N1ZUZ (Clinton, MA) and monitoring 156.800MHz (Distress Channel).

Equipment: 778UV 25w Mobile, UV-5R temporary base station, EchoLink KC1PZJ.

Learn more about my radio hobby here.

Snail Mail

  • Mailing address: 36 Malburn Terrace Leominster, MA 01453
  • Physical address is not public.
  • If you send me junk mail I’ll reply with anthrax.
  • For legal reasons, that’s a joke.

Other Contact Methods

  • I’m on Signal! If you know my cell number, you can hit me up on there. If you don’t know what signal is, it’s basically text messaging except everyone can’t see what you say like on normal texting.
  • If you owe me money, my Venmo is here in case you need it but don’t feel like asking. I’m @LucasTheElliott
  • I’m on Discord! I’m “Photogenic Grasshopper#9790” and I’d love to hear from you!