To Abby 02/09/2023

To me your eyes are a forest at sunrise.
I see them and it’s as if my soul sighs.

The green to gold is beautiful, unpredictable.
They tell of you, dearest, purest, and wonderful.

In your irises and pupils I’m lost and found again.
Like the wilderness for for Moses, God meets me therein.

As you take a breath, helpless, I’m pulled in.
More happy in love than I think I’ve ever been.

My heart swelling, my chest sighing, my shoulders falling.
Your hair tangles my thoughts, I hear your heart calling.

I know you’ll speak before a sentence begins,
And I ache as I wait to know what’s within.

You say something sweet and I only tease you,
But you know I would never think to betray you.

See, the stars, they hold still to witness your smile.
The cosmos, too, pauses and waits for a while.

To me your eyes are a forest at sunset.
Each evening with you the best I’ve had yet.

Most precious and pure to the end of the day,
We just cuddle when we have no more to say.

A sadness creeps in as the sunset can’t stay,
and the night and it’s sleep must steal you away.

I must say goodnight now, though it doesn’t feel fair.
Our eyelids may close but I’ll still see you there.

I’ll wear my compass and you wear your key,
And I’ll sleep, and I’ll dream, that you’re still there with me.