Last year I house-sat for some family while they were away. I ended up sending them some photos to entertain them while they were away, and decided to have some fun with it. Figured I’d throw them on here in case they entertained you too.

First, I just sent them some photos to make them chuckle

(I was not of legal age to drink as of yet)
(I didn’t open it I promise, the cat made sure of that)
(Toilet still works)

But then I decided to pull out Photoshop and get some practice in…

(Please note that none of these are real, haha)

(Safety First)
(I saw a Spider!)
(Cops heard the shots I guess)
(They Like “Breaking Bad”)
(Coder looking at code they wrote 2 years ago (Colorized))

Anywho, I had fun.

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