Styrofoam Takeout Containers are Stupid, and not Because they Kill Turtles (That’s a pro in my book).

Every time I do any fried takeout, I feel like I’m gambling, especially when I’m getting the food from more than ten minutes away. Will my food be mostly warm and ready to eat? Or will it be a hot but wet, sopping and sloppy mess? This all depends on one important decision from the restaurant. This is a decision that will make or break their takeout experience. Did they choose a sensible option for their takeout containers, or did they choose Styrofoam?

General Stupidness

Styrofoam Takeout Containers are Stupid. Not only do they trap in steam and soak any crispy food, they also crack way too easily and take up tons of room in the trash. The only thing their good for are especially wet meals like noodles or steak. But in these cases, thinner recycled plastic or well-treated carboard would get the job done just as well.

Health Effects

Styrofoam containers are also bad for our health! Polystyrene leaches residue styrene and benzene, which are toxic chemicals known to cause issues. While in ideal conditions these chemicals will not contaminate your food very much, it can reach dangerous levels if food is put in while still too hot, or if the food has high levels of grease that can pick up the chemicals. Food that comes out especially hot or is high is fat, as well as liquid foods such as soup or coffee in styrofoam coffe cups, can pick up amounts of styrene and benzene that can cause severe health concerns over time!


The only positive I could find, was the fact that apparently styrofoam trash is often thrown in the ocean, where it kills turtles. As we all know, turtles are a terrible blight on our society. While they make fantastic pets, I think we all agree that they should not be let out loose into nature where they will innevitebly destroy our environment and overthrow our towns cities, and countries.

So in conclusion, even though styrofoam takeout containers are stupid, we should keep using styrofoam. the pros quite simply outweigh the cons.

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