I came across a post recently that has stuck with me for well over a month. It’s something I wanted to share with everyone. I saw it on Reddit, where it was reposted from Twitter, where it was taken from Tumbler. That’s a sign of a good post, right?

One of my college professors used to say “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.”  I didn’t understand that for years because I didn’t do anything poorly, I couldn’t do anything poorly, I had to Do Everything Perfectly.

But brushing your teeth for 30 seconds is better than not brushing them at all when that 2 minutes seems exhausting.  Doing ten minutes of yoga is better than 10 minutes of sitting when 30 minutes of cardio sounds impossible.  Changing my clothes is good when a whole shower is impossible.  Standing on the porch for a few minutes is worth it after being in the house for three straight days because I don’t have the energy to go anywhere.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly… because doing it poorly is better than not doing it.


As someone who grew up in a “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” kind of home, this was very refreshing to me. It’s helped me get motivated to do little things and improve my habits bit by bit.

It’s of course imporant to remember that the statemnt “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” is still true, but it depends on the fact that you can do it right, or perhaps more fittingly, will do it right. If you find yourself incapable of finding the motivation to do something you really should at “100%,” then doing it at 50% is still better than not at all, and you can still be proud of yourself for doing something.

Anyways, there’s my little bit of self-help for the month. Hope this person’s post can inspire you a bit like it did me.

Say, maybe I should go on tumblr more often….

*makes an account* *30 seconds later*

Never mind.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a screenshot of the original post for reference as well.


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