I’m as confused as you are.

Lancaster, MA

Let’s face it, blogs are kind of a last-gen thing. Heck, even my grandfather has a blog. Nevertheless, I’m totally new at this. I learned a little more about blogs in one of my recent marketing classes, but that was about, well, marketing…

So what am I doing here? My goal for this blog is not to market myself to employers or even people. All I want to do is have a place to dump random thoughts, revelations, projects, and yes, even shitposts.

This post is kind of a way for me to prove that to myself. Of all the pictures I could have posted here, that one is probably the worst. Okay, well, this one from the same day is definitely worse, but, yeah I’m not posting that. I think I need to shave more…

So yeah, expect random coding projects, shower-thoughts, ham radio crap, photos, poems, and probably some other people’s content on this blog too (don’t worry I’ll reference). I hope you enjoy it, maybe leave a like or a comment, share it, blah blah blah etc. Oh and if you’re gonna hack this website, just make sure the only thing you do is replace that photo with one of Tom Selleck.


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